An Approach to GDPR readiness for your business

Following on from my previous article regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) titled GDPR and what it means to you (Part 1), we’ll pick up where we left off and discuss some important areas to focus on, this is by no means a definitive list but will get you started. There are numerous methods to approach implementation to ensuring that your organisation is prepared for compliance come 25th May 2018.

Remember, the earlier you plan your strategy to implement compliance the more you will achieve and the actions required will be more manageable. Check that if your organisation or regulator requires you to be audited, that you book your auditors now for a date no later than April 2018 such that any outstanding controls may be completed on time and re-audited if necessary.

Below are 12 areas which need to be addressed, some of which are related to existing Data Protection legislation, so if you’re already doing what you should be and compliant, being ready for GDPR will be much easier to achieve.  I have tried to go into much detail on some of the points as I can and I hope you find it useful. Continue reading “An Approach to GDPR readiness for your business”